Archived Results

Race Results

Bryan PORTMAN00:34:47 M303910 K
Phil UKRAINETZ00:36:19 M303910 K
Peter HILES00:37:22 M202910 K
Dave DEXTER00:44:11 M404910 K
Andrea GLOVER00:44:25 F303910 K
Gloria BOUCHER00:45:36 F404910 K
Ron MCINTOSH00:45:53 M404910 K
Lisa PEDSEALMY00:47:35 F202910 K
Michele WHEATLEY-BROWN00:50:29 F404910 K
Viv HOLOWAYCHUK00:52:23 F505910 K
Dave HOLOWAYCHUK00:52:24 M505910 K
Ann WESTON00:52:27 F404910 K
Debbie PHILLIPS00:53:12 F404910 K
David PETROVICH00:53:22 M404910 K
Donna ABRAMSON00:53:58 F404910 K
Ron ABRAMSON00:53:58 M404910 K
Lil REHAK00:54:36 F505910 K
Janice EDWARDS00:57:30 F303910 K
Pat MCDONALD00:57:53 F404910 K
Yvonne SUTHERLAND00:57:53 F404910 K
Tracey DAVIS00:59:17 F303910 K
Bob DAVIS00:59:19 M404910 K
Karen MASTERMAN01:00:32 F505910 K
Stephanie LAITRE01:01:48 F404910 K
Carla LUCHSINGER01:02:48 F404910 K
Sarah WONG01:02:53 F202910 K
Dave LUCHSINGER01:03:54 M404910 K
Allison WONG01:04:27 F202910 K
Michelle ABOTT01:08:28 F505910 K
Alana WILLIAMSON01:12:52 F404910 K
Sandra UKRAINETZ01:14:54 F303910 K
Beth SIGGELKOW01:15:37 F404910 K
Arlene SOGGE01:15:38 F404910 K

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