Archived Results

Race Results

Justin BRANT00:24:24 M0117 4K
Bryon BENN00:22:47 M5059 4K
Jeff PLATT00:21:08 M5059 4K
Lorinda KING00:25:44 F3039 4K
Brigitte BEDARD00:25:45 F1829 4K
Jeff DICKSON00:29:01 4K
Karin GERLACH00:29:10 F5059 4K
Nicole LAMBOO00:31:19 F1829 4K
Les WINDOVER00:32:06 M4049 4K
Alison WARD00:32:33 F3039 4K
Nancy COFFIN00:32:45 F3039 4K
Randi THORBJORNSEN00:35:04 4K
Barb VANESVELD00:42:30 4K
Carrie HOPKINS01:02:13 F1829 4K
Mikayla HOPKINS01:02:18 4K
Kathy TAERUM01:07:00 F5059 4K

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