Archived Results

Race Results

Robert DAVIS00:46:35 M404910 Km
Mike SAUNDERS00:44:25 M404910 Km
Chad RUSTON00:44:13 M303910 Km
Andrea GLOVER00:40:04 F303910 Km
Jacob WAGNER00:58:30 5 Km
Dani WAGNER00:58:28 5 Km
Peter BELL00:56:55 M60695 Km
Marg MCCALLUM00:55:49 5 Km
Brian MCCALLUM00:55:36 5 Km
Phil UKRAINTEZ00:55:24 M30395 Km
Amy UKRAINETZ00:55:24 F01105 Km
Molly LUTZ00:54:41 5 Km
Mary Lou CHARLES00:54:41 F40495 Km
Kimberley WAGNER00:52:33 5 Km
David WAGNER00:50:58 5 Km
Ambrose BRADLEY00:50:57 5 Km
Erin DAVIS00:50:48 F11155 Km
Nate MCCALLUM00:50:00 M01105 Km
kate UKRAINTEZ00:49:38 F01105 Km
Samantha HARGREAVES00:49:38 F01105 Km
Emily MCCALLUM00:49:37 F01105 Km
Joshua WAGNER00:45:13 5 Km
Harj HARI00:42:38 M50595 Km
Sherry ROEN00:39:28 F30395 Km
Sandy SEAGER00:39:28 F50595 Km
Lorene STEWART00:39:03 F40495 Km
Colin DAVIS00:37:19 M11155 Km
Alana WILLIAMSON00:37:19 F40495 Km
Coral TIMCHAK00:36:38 F30395 Km
Barb ESVELD00:36:26 F50595 Km
Kelsey MYLES00:35:38 F20295 Km
Aidan JEEVA00:33:55 M01105 Km
Teresa JEEVA00:33:54 F40495 Km
Clyde POLLETT00:33:38 5 Km
Jacob STANDEN00:32:15 M01105 Km
Tannis SHAKYA00:31:56 F20295 Km
Ann MCINTOSH00:31:40 5 Km
Stephanie LAITRE00:31:25 F50595 Km
Shannon MCINTOSH00:31:20 F11155 Km
Carol STANDEN00:31:01 F30395 Km
Mike MCCALLUM00:30:43 M11155 Km
Rosemary POLLETT00:30:33 5 Km
Connor LAINCHBURY00:30:33 M11155 Km
Lyndsay WESTON00:30:31 F11155 Km
Bretton HARI00:30:31 M16195 Km
Ethan JEEVA00:29:59 M01105 Km
Genvieve JEEVA00:29:59 F01105 Km
Ashref JEEVA00:29:57 M40495 Km
Anita ZAHN00:29:49 F50595 Km
Emile BLOKLAND00:29:48 M50595 Km
Kathy NELSON00:29:39 F40495 Km
Steven POLLETT00:27:38 5 Km
Kacy NELSON00:27:38 F11155 Km
Sameer SHAKYA00:27:33 M30395 Km
Lauren WESTON00:26:55 F16195 Km
Matt MCCALLUM00:26:34 M11155 Km
Janice BIRD00:25:41 F40495 Km
Garrett WESTON00:24:57 M20295 Km
Lisa REDSCALNY00:47:14 F202910 Km
Ron MCINTOSH00:48:05 10 Km
Adam WILLIAMS00:49:31 M111510 Km
Shelley RYAN00:50:33 F505910 Km
Michelle BROWN00:51:52 F404910 Km
Dave HOLOWAYCHUK00:51:58 M505910 Km
Ron ABRAMSON00:52:37 M505910 Km
Donna ABRAMSON00:52:38 F404910 Km
Ann WESTON00:53:42 F505910 Km
Debbie PHILLIPS00:54:08 F505910 Km
Art PARKER00:56:11 M505910 Km
Jim WILLIAMS00:58:30 10 Km
Rob STEIR00:58:53 M303910 Km
Amber DEAN01:00:52 F303910 Km
Diana KEYTE01:01:22 F404910 Km
Mike KOWALCHUK01:01:29 M505910 Km
Marilyn HARI01:01:43 F505910 Km
Sharon LAINCHBURY01:01:43 10 Km
Gerry MCCALLUM01:04:18 M404910 Km
Sandra UKRAINETZ01:04:18 F303910 Km
Mary BELL01:04:58 F505910 Km
Lori CREECH01:06:27 F303910 Km
Brite CRIMBLERS01:07:41 F404910 Km
Michelle ABBOTT01:09:06 F505910 Km
Shawn DEGROFFT01:10:39 M303910 Km
Dena DEGROFFT01:10:39 F303910 Km

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