Archived Results

Race Results

Ken MYERS00:27:48 M18298
Curtis SAMPSON00:28:46 M30398
Darren LAZARUK00:29:21 M40498
Mike ARGUE00:30:24 M18298
James GRANT00:30:28 M30398
Greg NICHOLSON00:30:32 M30398
Adam SAVILLE00:30:34 M18298
Trev WILLIAMS00:30:43 M30398
Joel JACQUES00:31:21 M18298
Laurence MARKS00:31:35 M30398
Lindsay MCLAREN00:31:39 F30398
David GUSS00:31:41 M40498
Hugh MAGILL00:32:10 M50598
Michael NELSON00:32:22 M18298
Rob STICHBURY00:32:30 M40498
Jared GREEN00:33:10 M18298
Brian HORTON00:33:21 M18298
Kevin BOWLES00:33:38 M30398
Derek WILKINSON00:33:52 M40498
Janice PATTERSON00:34:00 F40498
Jeff PLATT00:34:02 M50598
Danny BEAMAN00:34:12 M40498
Eric HOPKINS00:34:15 M40498
Bryon BENN00:34:43 M50598
Jen TREMBLAY00:34:56 F18298
Ron LEGERE00:35:49 M50598
Jeremy ALLAN00:35:52 M18298
Tara MORAN00:36:01 F18298
Sarah DAITCH00:36:02 F18298
Lorne DALY00:36:13 M40498
Lorna HAWLEY00:37:15 F50598
Lyndon ULMER00:37:21 M40498
Richard RUSH00:37:47 M30398
Bernard MAILLET00:37:50 M40498
Steve DONGWORTH00:38:30 M40498
Ted SPEARING00:38:35 M50598
Don JAMES00:40:18 M50598
Marion OWEN00:40:21 F50598
Byron FREDERICK00:40:48 M50598
Greg KELL00:40:53 M40498
Chuck HOLMSTROM00:40:56 M40498
Peter GRAHAM00:41:33 M50598
Les WINDOVER00:41:53 M40498
Kelsey SHUETT00:42:48 F18298
Chris CURRY00:43:08 M60698
Philippa HOCKING00:43:17 F30398
Robert ENGELBRECHT00:43:37 M40498
Roger DAVIES00:44:22 M70998
John CUTHBERTSON00:44:23 M50598
Laureen LASHYN00:44:41 F30398
Barrie GRIFFITHS00:44:48 M60698
Bridget HARRIS00:44:56 F40498
Rick HUBKA00:44:59 M50598
Mary Ann CLARK00:45:06 F30398
Rick MCCHARLES00:45:13 M40498
Dave IRVINE-HALIDAY00:46:10 M60698
Linnea MAWER00:46:14 F30398
Paul ROBERTS00:46:50 M30398
Lorraine LAU00:46:58 F18298
Melody MCDOUGALL00:47:30 F40498
Daniel RUSSELL00:47:34 M01178
Patrick IREMONGER00:47:37 M50598
Richard COLLIER00:48:35 M60698
Sam MASON00:48:52 M01178
Diane BOWLES00:49:01 F30398
Tori OWEN00:46:21 F01178
Frances RUSH00:49:35 F01178
Julie KING00:50:20 F50598
Shirley DANIEL00:51:05 F18298
Cecile DONGREDIEN00:51:54 F18298
Karen COOKSLEY00:53:03 F30398
Liza FLEMMING00:53:09 F30398
Sherry HUBKA00:53:10 F50598
Art FRANK00:53:40 M50598
Theresa GRANLEY00:54:43 F30398
Amy SWEDLO00:54:53 F30398
Sheila MAGILL01:07:30 F18298
Sara CLEMENT01:10:31 F01178
Anne Marie CLEMENT01:10:54 F40498
Aaron GILLMOR00:22:25 M01174
Scott GOW00:22:52 M01174
Ryan GUSS00:22:56 M18294
Kurtis WENZEL00:22:58 M01174
Dustin ERICKSON00:23:30 M01174
Greg POHLED00:23:42 M01174
Christian STAFIE00:23:50 M01174
Claire WILMOT00:24:39 F18294
Connors COULSON00:25:21 M01174
Oliver STROBL00:25:45 M01174
Nadine BERUBE00:26:03 F30394
Stephanie INNES00:27:32 F18294
Denise COFFIELD00:29:25 F40494
Gina WILLSON00:29:26 F01174
Owen BUNCE00:30:26 M01174
Kitty MCLEOD00:31:05 F40494
Katelyn BAUER00:31:42 F01174
Nancy COFFIN00:32:01 F30394
Louise BUNCE00:32:09 F01174
Matthew HAYES00:32:13 M01174
John MIKKELSEN00:32:43 M50594
Eryn COFFIELD00:34:59 F01174
Mariel FOGEL00:35:05 F18294
Dana COFFIELD00:35:08 F40494
Mardy ROBERTS00:35:23 F60694
Mackenzie SMITH00:36:45 M01174
Wancy WU00:36:47 F30394
Ali LYFORD00:41:06 M01174
Brian MASON00:41:10 M40494
Brittney MAILLET00:42:04 F18294
Jim BEATTIE00:42:20 M40494
Henry MASON00:43:32 M01174
Faith MIKKELSEN00:45:56 F50594
Jack MASON00:48:33 M01174
Jane MASON00:48:41 F40494
Ellyn SCHLEGEL00:48:58 F01174
Kate FRANK00:50:03 F01174
Dawn HENRY00:56:20 F50594
Kale PORNINVILLE01:13:00 M18294
Kathy TAERUM01:13:55 F50594

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