Archived Results

Race Results

FLETCHER Jared00:21:47 M00356
DAUM Phil00:22:01 M35996
NELSON Micheal00:22:11 M00356
KARY Darrell00:22:44 M35996
KARY Ciara00:23:12 F00356
CALDWELL Michael00:23:57 M00356
CLARK Rhonda00:24:25 F35996
LAM Alan00:24:44 M00356
CAUSTON Ashley00:25:14 M35996
CLARK John00:25:30 M35996
PLATT Jeff00:26:18 M35996
HOPKINS Eric00:27:01 M35996
OUIMET Paul00:27:13 M35996
HOCKING Philippa00:27:31 F35996
SCHURMANN Rhea00:27:33 F00356
KERR Brent00:29:04 M35996
BARLEY Lisa00:29:19 F35996
ROBERTS Paul00:29:46 M00356
FREDERICK Byron00:29:55 M35996
KARY Mackenzie00:30:05 M00356
BEATON Gary00:30:57 M35996
STIEDA Vivian00:30:59 F35996
SCHMIDT Joanne00:31:09 F35996
RAMSEY Jason00:31:17 M00356
COLLIER Richard00:31:32 M35996
AUGUSTINI Cary00:32:37 F35996
KUHL Greg00:32:41 M35996
McBEAN Heather00:33:00 F35996
HUBKA Sherry00:34:46 F35996
MAFRICA Sylvie00:35:07 F35996
MACLAREN Doug00:37:21 M35996
MACLAREN John00:37:33 M35996
KOVATCHEVA Nevena00:38:02 F35996
ADIE Carolin00:38:08 F35996
STOCKS Amanda00:39:06 F00356
HOLLICKY Nessie00:39:29 F35996

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