Archived Results

Race Results

Mac DAVIES00:20:49 M00194.3 Km
Tony LAMBERT00:22:04 M50594.3 Km
Colin ELLIOTT00:22:11 M00194.3 Km
Bryce JENKINS00:22:48 M00194.3 Km
Rhonda JEWETT00:23:00 F20294.3 Km
Annika HICKS00:23:32 F00194.3 Km
Wendy MCGREGOR00:25:33 F40494.3 Km
Emma LODGE00:25:58 F00194.3 Km
Lauren HECKLEY00:26:38 F00194.3 Km
Bronwyn ALLAN00:26:39 F00194.3 Km
Leah PENGELLY00:27:45 F00194.3 Km
Jack PENGELLY00:27:50 M00194.3 Km
Brettainy LYPKA00:31:35 M20294.3 Km
Kristie PATTERSON00:31:36 F30394.3 Km
Alicia GALLON00:31:56 F00194.3 Km
Anna SELLERS00:32:53 F00194.3 Km
Terry KOFTUS00:33:46 M50594.3 Km
Ron STEINGART00:34:23 M40494.3 Km
Jennifer HARRIS00:34:37 F50594.3 Km
Ursula STEINGART00:36:28 F30394.3 Km
Francis BIGGS00:37:22 M30394.3 Km
Wendy CLARKE00:46:26 F50594.3 Km
Jessica LAYTON00:49:52 F20294.3 Km
Toni SUTHERLAND00:51:35 F50594.3 Km
Mickey SUTHERLAND00:51:36 M50594.3 Km

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