Archived Results

Race Results

Trevor Baine06:33:00 M00992000 M
Mark Martens06:30:00 M00992000 M
Peter Cruttendon06:34:00 M00992000 M
Alan Lam06:55:00 M00992000 M
Laurence Marks07:20:00 M00992000 M
David Strand07:15:00 M00992000 M
Alan Cheriyan07:29:00 M00992000 M
Matt Knight07:24:00 M00992000 M
Danny Beaman07:37:00 M00992000 M
Shannon Henry07:34:00 F00992000 M
Myles Sheridan07:41:00 M00992000 M
Giles Parker07:45:00 M00992000 M
Shannyn Clancy07:43:00 F00992000 M
Carolyn Leonard08:33:00 F00992000 M
Don Lee08:34:00 M00992000 M
Melody Switzer08:52:00 F00992000 M
Greg Kell09:15:00 M00992000 M
Roger Davies09:19:00 M00992000 M
Jason Ramsey09:25:00 M00992000 M
Ken Brant10:15:00 M00992000 M
Julie King11:42:00 F00992000 M
Dawn Henry16:48:00 F00992000 M
Trevor Baine03:01:00 M00991000 M
Mark Martens03:02:00 M00991000 M
Peter Cruttendon03:04:00 M00991000 M
Alan Lam03:12:00 M00991000 M
Laurence Marks03:22:00 M00991000 M
David Strand03:24:00 M00991000 M
Alan Cheriyan03:28:00 M00991000 M
Matt Knight03:31:00 M00991000 M
Danny Beaman03:31:00 M00991000 M
Shannon Henry03:38:00 F00991000 M
Myles Sheridan03:38:00 M00991000 M
Giles Parker03:37:00 M00991000 M
Shannyn Clancy03:40:00 F00991000 M
Carolyn Leonard03:59:00 F00991000 M
Don Lee03:58:00 M00991000 M
Melody Switzer04:10:00 F00991000 M
Greg Kell04:13:00 M00991000 M
Roger Davies04:22:00 M00991000 M
Jason Ramsey04:24:00 M00991000 M
Ken Brant04:50:00 M00991000 M
Julie King05:45:00 F00991000 M
Dawn Henry08:45:00 F00991000 M
Trevor Baine01:42:00 M0099600 M
Mark Martens01:47:00 M0099600 M
Peter Cruttendon01:44:00 M0099600 M
Alan Lam01:49:00 M0099600 M
Laurence Marks01:47:00 M0099600 M
David Strand01:52:00 M0099600 M
Alan Cheriyan01:55:00 M0099600 M
Matt Knight01:59:00 M0099600 M
Danny Beaman01:53:00 M0099600 M
Shannon Henry02:04:00 F0099600 M
Myles Sheridan02:02:00 M0099600 M
Giles Parker02:02:00 M0099600 M
Shannyn Clancy02:10:00 F0099600 M
Carolyn Leonard02:13:00 F0099600 M
Don Lee02:17:00 M0099600 M
Melody Switzer02:17:00 F0099600 M
Greg Kell02:15:00 M0099600 M
Roger Davies02:25:00 M0099600 M
Jason Ramsey02:29:00 M0099600 M
Ken Brant02:39:00 M0099600 M
Julie King03:20:00 F0099600 M
Dawn Henry04:51:00 F0099600 M
Mark Martens11:19:00 M0099Overall
Peter Cruttendon11:22:00 M0099Overall
Alan Lam11:56:00 M0099Overall
Laurence Marks12:29:00 M0099Overall
David Strand12:31:00 M0099Overall
Alan Cheriyan12:52:00 M0099Overall
Matt Knight12:54:00 M0099Overall
Danny Beaman13:01:00 M0099Overall
Shannon Henry13:16:00 F0099Overall
Myles Sheridan13:21:00 M0099Overall
Giles Parker13:24:00 M0099Overall
Shannyn Clancy13:33:00 F0099Overall
Carolyn Leonard14:45:00 F0099Overall
Don Lee14:49:00 M0099Overall
Melody Switzer15:19:00 F0099Overall
Greg Kell15:43:00 M0099Overall
Roger Davies16:06:00 M0099Overall
Jason Ramsey16:18:00 M0099Overall
Ken Brant17:44:00 M0099Overall
Julie King20:47:00 F0099Overall
Dawn Henry30:34:00 F0099Overall
Trevor Baine11:16:00 M0099Overall

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