Archived Results

Race Results

Lorna HAWLEY01:03:00 F50598
Karen COOKSLEY01:01:25 F30398
Greg KUHL01:00:10 M50598
Julie KING00:55:59 F50598
Sylvie MAFRICA00:54:27 F40498
Chris CURRY00:51:31 M60698
Sherry HUBKA00:51:27 F50598
Joe SEVRENS00:51:23 M30398
Adele SEVRENS00:51:23 F18298
Clay HAYES00:51:04 M60698
Sheila MAGILL00:50:29 F18298
Karin GERLACH00:49:05 F50598
Tanaquil CHANTALL00:48:39 F30398
Barrie GRIFFITHS00:48:37 M60698
Richard COLLIER00:46:46 M60698
Melanie RUSH00:46:19 F40498
Roger DAVIES00:45:58 M70998
Rick HUBKA00:44:16 M50598
Paul ROBERTS00:44:06 M30398
Philippa HOCKING00:43:25 F30398
Byron FREDERICK00:43:21 M50598
Chris MCCALLUM00:42:52 M30398
Kelly GUSS00:42:13 F18298
Ron DOORNBOS00:42:19 M40498
Les WINDOVER00:42:09 M40498
Robert ENGELBRECHT00:42:08 M40498
Marcel LAMONTAGNE00:41:47 M60698
Mary Ann CLARK00:41:35 F30398
Derek WILKINSON00:41:29 M40498
Mike UKRAINETZ00:41:16 M30398
Sandra UKRAINETZ00:41:02 F30398
Rob TAERUM00:40:18 M50598
Lyndon ULMER00:39:38 M40498
Nadia LARSSON00:39:24 F30398
Bridget LINDER00:38:54 F18298
Steve DONGWORTH00:38:38 M40498
Gary GLOVER00:38:26 M50598
Harvie WINDOVER00:37:21 M40498
Ron LEGERE00:37:15 M50598
Kim JOSLIN00:36:53 M40498
Stuart ARGUILE00:36:49 M50598
Bryon BENN00:36:46 M50598
David HUNTLEY00:36:45 M18298
Tim GUSS00:35:03 M40498
Hugh MAGILL00:34:52 M50598
Mark LEGGETTE00:34:47 M40498
Jason NADEAU00:34:29 M30398
Adrian FEDDEMA00:33:36 M50598
Rob STITCHBURY00:33:36 M40498
David ROBERTS00:33:35 M18298
Darren LAZARUK00:33:01 M40498
Lindsay MCLAREN00:32:55 F30398
Laurence MARKS00:32:24 M30398
Curtis SAMPSON00:32:16 M30398
David GUSS00:31:54 M40498
Philip UKRAINETZ00:30:39 M30398
Adam SAVILLE00:30:39 M18298
Adrian BECKLUMB00:30:26 M40498
Trev WILLIAMS00:29:42 M30398
Darren HIRST00:25:52 M18294
David CALLAGHAN00:30:16 M50594
David HAMMEL00:31:53 4
Ryan GUSS00:31:56 M18294
Tristan ARMSTRONG00:32:03 4
Nancy COFFIN00:32:15 F30394
Frances RUSH00:32:45 F01174
Barb VAN ESVELD00:38:26 F40494
Lillian HAACKE00:39:04 4
Mardy ROBERTS00:39:47 F60694
Dawn HENRY00:54:22 F50594
Kathy TAERUM01:01:46 F50594

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