Archived Results

Race Results

Will PYNTER00:27:10 M30395 Mile
Kevin DEFORGE00:27:34 M30395 Mile
Curtis SAMPSON00:28:30 M30395 Mile
Darren LAZARUK00:29:16 M40495 Mile
John HUDSON00:29:38 M40495 Mile
Michael SECKER00:29:57 M50595 Mile
Barry WHEELER00:31:01 M40495 Mile
Doug WYLLIE00:31:34 M40495 Mile
Dan GHOUEY00:32:02 M40495 Mile
Bob FYVIE00:32:03 M50595 Mile
Cameron GRAHAM00:33:06 M40495 Mile
Don JAMES00:33:15 M50595 Mile
Charlene LAZARUK00:33:25 F40495 Mile
Darrell FENNING00:35:11 M40495 Mile
George LEM00:35:24 M50595 Mile
Jaryd BURTON00:36:07 M20295 Mile
Gerri SAMPSON00:36:16 F30395 Mile
Jay NADLER00:36:41 M30395 Mile
Kevin WONG00:36:52 M20295 Mile
Jennifer MAH00:37:02 F30395 Mile
Karen READ00:37:08 F40495 Mile
Cindy BONYAI00:37:57 F40495 Mile
Nadine BERYBE00:38:16 F20295 Mile
Christine MANION00:39:23 F40495 Mile
Ron DOORNBOS00:39:59 M40495 Mile
Daryl BELER00:40:27 M30395 Mile
Sid VANDER ZWAAG00:41:01 M40495 Mile
Ashleigh HADDOW00:41:08 F01195 Mile
Gloria MOHNINGER00:42:54 F30395 Mile
Sandy PARK00:43:57 F50595 Mile
Stan LOO00:44:46 M40495 Mile
Roland MICHAUD00:46:23 M60+5 Mile
Rachel BERGEN00:46:36 F30395 Mile
Anita BORTNIK00:46:37 F20295 Mile
Ian HADDOW00:46:57 M50595 Mile
Heather HADDOW00:46:57 F40495 Mile
Karl HERZOG00:47:17 M50595 Mile
Steve RICKARD00:47:18 M50595 Mile
Sue DULLEY00:48:20 F60+5 Mile
Shannon HIBERT00:49:36 F20295 Mile
Doreen ISAAK00:49:38 F50595 Mile
Gene D'ARCHANGELE00:49:39 M50595 Mile
Thomas MULLIE00:53:48 M01195 Mile
Paul MCCLOY00:54:56 M404910 Mile
Frank WOOLSTENCROFT00:56:20 M202910 Mile
Maria ZAMBRANO00:56:34 F303910 Mile
Ryan TWA00:59:12 M303910 Mile
Lisa HARVEY01:01:00 F303910 Mile
Ed BICKLEY01:01:22 M404910 Mile
John MCCAFFERTY01:01:53 M505910 Mile
Ken SKEA01:04:11 M505910 Mile
Mahedi KARMALI01:04:21 M404910 Mile
Nick HADDOW01:06:07 M011910 Mile
Dan MCDONALD01:06:25 M404910 Mile
Craig JORDHEIM01:08:25 M404910 Mile
Robert MCCOSH01:08:31 M404910 Mile
Jenny GODLEY01:09:38 F303910 Mile
Frank MCCURRY01:10:04 M404910 Mile
Paul OUIMET01:11:03 M404910 Mile
Darcy NORTH01:11:04 M303910 Mile
Shelley TUCHSCHERER01:11:17 F303910 Mile
Denise PLETT01:12:28 F303910 Mile
Martyn SMYLIE01:13:37 M404910 Mile
Bob SHAW01:14:08 M60+10 Mile
Barbara CAMERON01:15:31 F404910 Mile
Bob MCMINIS01:15:39 M404910 Mile
Gil RADTKE01:15:58 M404910 Mile
Bob JENSEN01:16:38 M404910 Mile
Peter MAWER01:17:40 M505910 Mile
Louis BEAUDOIN01:18:32 M404910 Mile
John BAUER01:18:59 M505910 Mile
Andy FAHEY01:19:20 M60+10 Mile
Lorna HAWLEY01:19:36 F505910 Mile
Byron FREDERICK01:21:31 M505910 Mile
Jackson FINLEY01:21:36 M60+10 Mile
David TOWNSEND01:21:51 M505910 Mile
Ronda RANKIN01:22:00 F404910 Mile
Dave WARE01:22:00 M404910 Mile
Alyson KENWARD01:23:01 F202910 Mile
Patricia KINGSEP01:23:02 F60+10 Mile
Susan MULLIE01:23:13 F404910 Mile
Arthur CHARBONNEAU01:24:20 M303910 Mile
Tracy HOWLETT01:24:21 F303910 Mile
Kirsten MENK01:24:22 F303910 Mile
Patrick GLOVER01:24:49 M505910 Mile
Jody TCHIR01:25:23 F202910 Mile
Catherine MITCHELL01:26:00 F404910 Mile
Angie EMERY01:28:05 F404910 Mile
Marg CARLETON-GLOVER01:28:55 F505910 Mile
Jason LASHER01:29:43 M303910 Mile
Jim DOBBIN01:32:53 M404910 Mile
Karin GERLACH01:33:29 F404910 Mile
Frank MERKL01:34:25 M505910 Mile
Elfie GILROY01:35:03 F60+10 Mile
Suzanne SNOYK01:35:03 F404910 Mile
Sylvie MAFRICA01:35:30 F404910 Mile
Sue SMYLIE01:36:35 F404910 Mile
Vincent FILANOVA01:36:57 M404910 Mile
Bob WILSON01:41:44 M505910 Mile
Stan RUSSEL01:42:49 M60+10 Mile
Karen COOKSLEY01:45:24 F303910 Mile

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